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The Team



DonarMonday, 18th Dec, 2017
LuminanceSaturday, 24th Feb, 2018
XanatusSaturday, 3rd May,

Primary Administrator

BlueriseFriday, 23rd Feb,, Twitter
JinjiSaturday, 17th Feb, 2018
RigaudonSunday, 4th Feb, 2018
takukuTuesday, 18th Jul,, Twitter

Game Moderator

ArcticSunSaturday, 3rd Feb, 2018
FontySaturday, 24th Feb, 2018
KrysiWednesday, 21st Feb, 2018
PansySaturday, 24th Feb, 2018Twitter

Community Guide

DavidBowieSunday, 30th Apr, 2017

Game Editor: Artist Division

AeveroSaturday, 24th Feb, 2018Twitter

Game Editor: Composer Division

KarasuroKunTuesday, 26th Apr, 2016

Game Editor: Mapping Division

PippinSaturday, 24th Feb, 2018

Game Editor: Scripting Division

RelicanthWednesday, 27th Sep, 2017
TasigurSunday, 18th Feb, 2018

Be a part of the Team

If you're looking to help Pokémon World Online in some other way than donations, then you can. The game features a number of groups that players can be a part of. The current groups available ingame are Developers, Game Moderators, Game Editors, Community Guide, Admin, Mappers, Artists, and Composers.

Each of these groups are a part of making PWO what it is today and you could be a part of the future PWO. Not all of the current groups can be applied for and the ones that are, will be detailed here.


We are not currently looking for developers.

Mappers, Artists and Composers

If you're interested in joining one of these groups, you need to have an Pokémon World Online account and log into the forums. You then need to make a showcase in the required academy forum. You should provide any work you have done and be willing to take on board any critcism given to you.

If you're a mapper, you require the PWO map editor which can be found in the downloads page.