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Game Rules

By logging in to any PWO Service, you agree to the following rules. Not complying with these rules will result in your account being terminated. Where applicable, these rules apply to the Game, websites, Discord and all other PWO Services, even if not expressly stated.

  1. Using multiple accounts at the same time is forbidden. While you are permitted to own multiple accounts, you are only allowed to use ONE at a time.
  2. Only the person who registered the account can access the account. This means you may not share accounts, register an account for another person or share a common email.
  3. Selling or giving away accounts is forbidden.
  4. Do not create new accounts with the intent of obtaining and/or trading Pokémon or items to another account.
  5. Do not create new accounts with the intent to create or worsen a conflict on any PWO Service, or to cause harassment.
  6. Do not create or use cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify the service provided by CodeCore Entertainment.
    1. Any third-party software that will act as an extension to the service provided by CodeCore Entertainment must have permission before use. CodeCore Entertainment will not be responsible for any damages caused by the software.
  7. You may not profit or otherwise gain from abuse of glitches via the game or Playerdex. If you find an exploitable glitch, you MUST report it. Do not inform other players of exploitable glitches.
  8. You cannot knowingly store or otherwise protect objects for others that were obtained illegitimately. (An example of this would be keeping a hacked Pokémon for another user).
  9. Do not knowingly do anything that will harm PWO or its services.
  10. Do not ask, sell or give away free reputation points. You also can not trade or give away wins from battles.
  11. Do not deceive others when it comes to trading or battling.
  12. Do not sell Pokémon World Online objects for outside products. This includes real life money or objects from other games.
  13. Language or discussion that isn't PG rated (Child Friendly) is not allowed. This rule applies to (but is not limited to) the ingame Chat, Private Messages, and Usernames. Censored swear words are considered inappropriate. This rule applies to all languages.
  14. Do not insult or provoke staff or other players, including through Private Messages. This includes calling people names or making rude comments. If you're in an argument, you should keep it civil even if the other person is not.
  15. Do not harass any players or staff through ANY PWO service, including Private Messages. Harassment includes name calling, comments, the spamming of trade/battle requests, or discussion the other player is uncomfortable with. If you are asked to stop, stop.
  16. Do not spam. Spam is considered to be the use of messages or characters in a pointless or disruptive way. (An example would be flooding a chat room with gibberish, constant trade advertisements, or discussion meant for other channels.)
  17. Do not disrupt chat. This includes typing racial slurs, hate speech, and/or offensive topics. Do not bring up hateful or provocative messages towards any religion, race, belief, lifestyle, etc.
  18. Do not discuss or encourage piracy including in Private Messages. Furthermore do not provide links that could be harmful to other users. Examples of these include, but are not limited to: providing links to pirated software, discussing ROMs and/or distributing viruses.
  19. Advertisement of third-party services is subject to punishment. This includes but is not limited to other games, surveys, adult sites, torrent sites, etc.
  20. Do not impersonate a staff member or pretend to be a staff member. You may not knowingly impersonate a player.

These rules are subject to the interpretation of staff and may change at any time. By utilizing any PWO service, you automatically agree to uphold the most recently published rule-set as officially recognized by PWO Staff. The task of deciding what is right and wrong in regards to Pokémon World Online is the final decision of the staff. If your actions are deemed harmful or immoral in regards to the community, your account will be subject to disciplinary action.

If you are banned, you can check the reasoning behind the ban by visiting your Account Summary on Playerdex.

If you would like to appeal the ban, then post an appeal on Community Watch (Playerdex).

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