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Online · 1% full


Last checked on Friday, 12th Jul, 23.12 (UTC)

Downtime information

If the server is offline, check Twitter for information regarding planned downtime. If no updates are available, the server may have only just crashed and may be waiting on a Staff member to investigate and resolve.

Unable to log in when online

If you're unable to connect to our server for at least 5 minutes, please ensure you complete the following before posting on the Forums or visiting our Discord Server for further help.

  • Installed the client from our download page
    • If you installed the client from a different website, we suggest running an AV scan
  • Run as Administrator (applies to Windows Vista, 7 and 8)
  • If you use Hola! - disable the unblocker

How does this status check work?

The server is checked every minute. This page shows the result of the most recent check.

Please note that if the server is frozen, the check would have registered the server as 'online'.


While the team try to minimise downtime as much as possible, there may be occasions where lengthy downtime occurs. If any downtime event lasts 90 minutes or more, we will extend the membership of accounts with active memberships every 30 minutes until service resumes.

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